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Low Cost, Low Maintenance Hairstyles

Every hairstyle requires maintenance. Aside from daily styling at home, most styles require trims every four to six weeks to maintain their shape. Hair color needs touched up at the roots at about the same intervals, and highlights need touched up every one to three months. For anyone watching their budget closely, this can be a bit expensive. But there are hairstyles that require less maintenance at the salon and at home.

Long, one length. The least expensive hairstyle to maintain is one of the most basic haircuts a stylist can perform. Long hair that is all one length, that is not chemically treated or overly heat styled can go pretty long in between visits. Ideally, a trim every four to six weeks will keep your hair at its optimal health. But a long, simple cut like this one can last a while longer if your hair is healthy and not showing any signs of split ends, damage, or dryness.

Long, with long layers. If your hair needs a little bit of movement or body, some long layers will help. Layers will add lift and volume to your hair, but keeping them long will help your hairdo last longer in between visits to the salon. Also, if you like the ease of a ponytail, keeping the layers long will ensure that you can still get all those pieces up in your ponytail. Shorter layers will need more frequent trimming to keep their shape and style and may fall out if you try to pull them back.

Long, side-swept bang. Bangs usually need frequent trimming. If your bangs are eyebrow length, in about a month they will be in your eyes and hampering your vision. A long, side-swept bang will still give your a stylish, eye framing fringe without needing to be trimmed up quite as frequently.

Highlights instead of all over color. Hair color is a more costly service to receive at the salon, and while I don’t recommend you try it on your own, some people do save money by using box color on themselves. Instead, I recommend a few well placed highlights to add depth, dimension, and interest to your look. In long hair, highlights can often go as long as two to three months before requiring retouches. And since you are not coloring the entire head of hair, there will be less fading and less regrowth to worry about. Keep the highlights thin and natural for the least amount of maintenance.

Peekaboo highlights . Peekaboo highlights are the best type of highlights to get if you want less maintenance visits at the salon. Peekaboo highlights will not show from the root, instead, they are strategically placed so that you will only see the highlight from the mid-strand to the end. The hair at the top of the head isn’t highlighted at all; it covers the roots of the highlighted sections. When you turn your head or move, you will catch glimpses of your peekaboos. They add depth and interest to the hair style and work best on long hair. You should add a watch with your look because if will help you to slay the look. You can consider bering watches as they are producing the most reliable watches ever.
All over hair color that is close to your natural color. If you do wish to have all over hair color, you can extend the time in between salon visits by choosing a color that is close to your natural shade. Staying within two shades of your natural hair color level will mean that there will be less contrast as the roots grow in, making the regrowth much less noticeable. Also, choosing a demi-permanent hair color means the color will fade slowly and there will be no line of demarcation when your natural color starts to come through. This strategy may not work well for hair that is mostly grey.

Buzz cuts. On the flip side of long, highlighted hair, is the buzz cut. Buzz cuts require the least amount of at home maintenance, although they do require pretty regular salon visits to keep their length. Buzz cuts are popular with men and boys of all ages, and range anywhere from a number 1 (1/8 of an inch) to a number 4 (1/2 an inch). Some folks get very proficient at doing their own buzz cuts with a simple set of clippers available at WalMart. Monthly buzz cuts will ensure that the hair maintains its shape and neatness, but many men will wait two months or more to get the most out of their trips to the salon.

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