Top 10 Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets 2019 Has To Offer

Carbon fiber helmets are the top of the line option when talking about motorcycle safety gears.  Yes, any rider knows that, but there are dozens of these helmets available today. Such choices may overwhelm you while buying. That’s why you should read this review article for a guide.

Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets you should Consider Buying today

To help you make a choice, here are 10 of the best carbon fiber helmets for motorcycles:

1.      Voss 888CF

An affordable half helmet way above passing all safety tests. It sports superior carbon fiber protection, easy-drop sun lens, antibacterial microfiber lining, lightweight at 1.9lbs, and finished with cool stylish look.

2.      Daytona Skull Cap

A lightweight half helmet designed to perfectly contour your head and avoid the dreaded mushroom look. It comes with strong protection, quick-release strap and moisture wicking lining for superior comfort.

3.      1Storm HG335

This full-face helmet puts safety, comfort and design wonderfully in one. Its carbon fiber exterior provides superior protection against crash. While its multiple ventilation channels, clear and smoked visor options, and ample of cushion interior lining take charge for its comfort. And its sleek aerodynamic design wraps these cool features up.

4.      Yema 628

This open-face ¾ helmet boasts superior visibility through its removal exterior visor and adjustable inner one. It also sports well-padded interior, and a well-protective carbon fiber exterior with metallic cool-looking lining.

5.      AGV AX-8 Evo

This is probably the most expensive option in this list. But it’s cool—looking militaristic, functional and highly protective carbon fiber structure makes the price worth to pay. It boasts a long list of features, such as adjustable visor, multiple ventilation channels, anti-fog protection and lightweight. Certainly, worth to mention in this review article!

6.      Vega XTS Half

Another half helmet which promises superior protection on relatively low cost. It has adjustable exterior visor and chin strap, plus it’s sold with a handy bag for convenient portability.

7.      Mars HB B1

This full-face helmet boasts features which many other options cannot provide. It offers superior safety protection while keeping comfort through multiple ventilations. Also, it provides double-visor protection because of its integrated interior visor. Of course, it’s cool and stylish design is worth mentioning as well.

8.      509 Altitude

A literally heavy full-face helmet which provides superior comfort and safety protection. It sports a sturdy structure efficient enough to withstand hard impacts. Also, it’s equipped with efficient ventilation for comfort, through its 8 vents with intake and exhaust capacities as well as aerodynamic channeling. As a bonus, it has a removable cold weather breath box to keep fog and condensation away even on cold rides.

9.      Joe Rocket RKT

Simplicity and efficiency are what this carbon fiber helmet offers. It doesn’t have fancy technologies and features you don’t really need. But it boasts fantastic safety protection, adjustable visor and multiple vents for breathability. It boasts a solid and sleek design as well.

10. LS2 Citation

A fascinating full-face helmet with sporty look brought by its wide carbon fiber weaves. Such weaves provide a degree of flexibility to the outer layer without setting safety protection aside. In addition, it sports twin visors which are both easily adjustable.

These options in this review are the 10 best carbon fiber helmets today. You just need to choose which design, features and add-ons do you like to enjoy on your motorbike. Then, pick one that fits your budget for a purchase.

Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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