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What can be the Best Father’s Day Gift for Nursing Home Dad?

It’s sad how many fathers in nursing homes are never given practical gifts for Father’s Day. Why would you give your dad who sits in a nursing home all day a ‘watch?’ Or a suit or something as impractical as a jogging outfit? It just makes no sense. These are gifts that simply show no thought and some would say they show no concern from the giver towards the receiver. The Nursing Dad can be tired of conducting the cna practice test. The gift should be memorable and provides a work-free environment to them. The gift should not be related to the work of the nursing home.

Never give your dad a gift that is going to make him aware of the endless number of hours he spends doing nothing. Give him a gift that will keep him occupied making the hours of each day fly by. Give dad something that will keep his mind functioning at maximum performance level. Nursing home residents need their brains stimulated daily. They need brain teasers and items of significance that make them work those brain cells. If they’re sitting all day watching a television and doing nothing, they begin to feel useless and just die away.

Many nursing home dads still have great mental ability and are capable of doing many things. The Internet has thousands of activities available designed solely for the purpose of stirring the brain and energizing idle brain cells. Some nursing home dads are capable of using the Internet well. They are capable of providing useful ideas and have the ability to still provide worth to society. Yet, we tend to keep them locked away in a place where all they can do is sit, wait and wonder. It’s very, very important that they feel they are still contributing even when in a nursing home. Don’t discount their ability. It’s only diminished by those who allow it to be.

Giant Crossword Puzzles

When in school, children normally loved working with crossword puzzles. Solving puzzles helps stimulate the energy in the brain that prevents decline. Studies have shown that Alzheimer’s and early onset Dementia can possibly be completely eliminated if our elderly remain active. Puzzles are one very interesting and energetic way for our elderly dads confined in the nursing homes to stay involved. Regularly solving puzzles of any sort helps them use the energy of their brains on a daily basis thereby delaying the decline of brain cells. Purchase giant puzzles of any kind and keep them coming. When dad solves one, have another one ready. Make it a regular competition where he and his friends can win little snack prizes with challenges. They will love it.

Audible Book Software and Reader

Even when in the nursing home, there is still great appreciation for reading and music. A great book or soft music can be such a blessing especially on a rainy day. Give your father a book he can enjoy requiring nothing but relaxation and time. Audible books can be an amazing way to enjoy books and music without having to do anything but be available. Give dad the ability to listen to the greatest books of all time and the music he enjoys the most while lounging inside or outside on the patio. Dad will love the many hours listening to his favorite author or poet or his favorite jazz or classic pianist.

Don’t just discount your dad and allow time to just pass. He can still offer a lot to society and the family. Let him continue to be a gift to you and society. Let him show the world he still has ‘It.’

Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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