Breaking Down the Household Chores

Today’s life is full of hectic hurriedness. It sometimes seems as though cleaning the house falls somewhere near the bottom of the priority list. Trying to do the whole house at once can be a daunting task.

Instead, think of cleaning the house as something that you can do incrementally. That way, when you have a few minutes you can simply do one job. Doing three or four little jobs a day (different ones each day) will lead to a less stressful way to clean the house. All of the following chores can be done in five to seven minutes.

Throughout the House

*Dab a little dishwashing soap on a damp washcloth or rag and clean door handles and light switch faceplates.

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*Pick up all the old newspapers, magazines, and other recyclables and get them ready for pick-up or donations.

*Cobwebs and dust can be removed from all vents and the ceiling corners.

*Gather the trash. Empty all the wastebaskets into one large bag and then take it to the receptacle outside to await trash day. You can speed up replacing the liners by keeping extra bags in the bottom of each wastebasket.

*Pick one piece of wood furniture every couple of days and wipe it down with lemon oil or wood polish. This will protect it and keep it looking nice.

*Get a dustmop or rag and use it to wipe down as many baseboards as you can in five minutes (use a timer)

*Two large rooms can be vacuumed in five to seven minutes, or you can do one large room and a couple of smaller areas (like the stairs, hallway, or entryway).

*Dusting can be accomplished in one room (maybe two) in the allotted time.

Cleaning the Kitchen

*Using the dab of dishwashing liquid soap and a washcloth, rid the fridge of the handprints and the cabinets of the stickiness

*Clean out the produce bins, remove spoiled food. Quickly clean the bin in the sink and dry it before replacing it. You can place paper towels in the bottom to make clean up easier next time.

*If you have left a pan soaking, now is the time to scrub it.

*It only takes a few minutes to sweep and mop a kitchen floor. Use one of those room cleaners with the wet pads for added speed. If your kitchen is too big to get done in less than seven minutes, just do the dirtiest half and then clean the other half later.

*,Do two shelves in the refrigerator. Take everything off, wipe the shelves down, and put everything back, wiping it as you do so. You can also do what is held in the fridge door in about five minutes on another occasion.

*Wipe down the countertops and the table.

Straightening the Bathroom

*Disinfectant wipes can be very helpful when cleaning the toilet. Put some cleaner in the bowl and let it sit. Then clean the sink. Use the scrub brush on the bowl and wipe the rest of the toilet with the disinfectant wipes.

*Do the bathroom floor.

*Choose two shelves in the medicine cabinet and remove everything. Wipe down the shelves and organize them. Make sure to throw away any expired cosmetics and pills.

*Clean up an under-sink cabinet.

In the Bedroom

*Change the bedsheets. Then close the blinds and take the sheets you will wash and dust the blinds.

*Choose two messy drawers and refold the clothes.

*De-clutter the top of the dresser or nightstand, putting everything where it belongs. Dust when finished.

*Clean out part of the closet (divide into two-foot increments). Get rid of what you do not need.

Any of these chores can be done quickly when you have a few minutes. If you make it a point to rotate through the rounds, your house will remain relatively clean. To de-clutter, the house every day, set a timer for five minutes before dinner (or the kids’ bedtime) and have everyone in the family help with cleaning up the little messes that accumulate throughout the day.

Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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