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Choosing The Best Window Treatment For The Specific Window Type

Window treatments are ideally up to your own personal taste and conviction. No laws are yet on the books that say you can’t hang purple floor-length drapes on a bay window. The matter of aesthetics says otherwise, of course. Those long drapes in that garish hue simply aren’t going to be appealing to the average homeowner. The type of window you are dealing with goes a long way toward dictating what kind of treatment it should be given.

There are not too many affordable window cleaning service in Leeds and drapes are anyway too expensive to be purchased by anyone. Besides, certain people aren’t very fond of long drapes as it does not go down well with the size and design of their house but if you’re quite well off financially, there’s simply no harm in trying it out and see how it goes down.

Corner Windows

Corner windows have a nasty history of befuddling homeowners when it comes to treatment, but the answer could not be simpler. Rather than trying to connect the two windows together in some way, simply use matching swags that drape down on the outer sides to the length of the bottom portion of the sill. Symmetry can do wonders for a corner window so be creative with colors, patterns or designs.

French Doors

French Doors are another window type that can give some people the fits when it comes to an effective treatment. The rule to live by when treating French Doors is that when the doors open outward, just about any kind of window treatment style is up for grabs. The problem comes when the French Doors open into a room. The treatment you choose must be functional as well as decorative in that it has to be clear the door frame or else be attached directly to the doors themselves. Sheer draperies match the delicate elegance of French Door design.

Double Hung Windows

Those lucky enough to have a house full of double hung windows are at the mercy only of their own taste and talent for interior decorating. The fact is that just about any window treatment is going to look good on a double hung window. You can go with long curtains or café drapes. You can get all fancy with balloon drapes or you can go with simple sheers. The choice is up to you.

Bay Windows

A good choice for bay windows is no treatment at all if you have no concerns about privacy or glare from the sun. Otherwise, café curtains add a nicely delicate touch. If the windows of your bay unit occupy little space, go with a valance. The artistry of a bay window is ideal for fanciful additions like swags and cascading drapes.

Sliding Window

There is only one ideal window treatment for a sliding window that is commonly utilized. Put up some drapes attached to a traverse rod or go with some sleek vertical blinds. Another option is to place Roman shades over your sliding window.

Casement Window

The utilitarian nature of casement windows makes them a good choice for blinds or shades. The addition of a decorative cornice above the windows can be integrated into the treatment to soften the equally utilitarian nature of blinds or shades.

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