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Practical Tips To Restore Old Furniture

Furniture are components of any house that will usually last for years. As a matter of fact, some people consider furniture as heirlooms, which they pass on from one generation to another. While these indeed, last long, certain materials may wither and degrade over time. This is most especially true in the case of wooden furniture. If you want to have your old furniture looking good as new, just like the ones that you see on this website:, but would not want to spend on restoration, as it is expensive, then here are some practical restoration tips for old furniture. All of these tips need not spend too much money.

Olive Oil and Vinegar for Wood Cleaning

If you want a furniture polish that is natural and a lot healthier, one practical solution is using olive oil and vinegar. In using, all you have to do is to pour equal parts into a jar, shake tight, and then mix before each use. Afterwards, you can use a rag or even a microfiber cloth in order to wipe the surface clean. Oil and Vinegar will help to remove the dirt while leaving a protective layer on the wood to keep it clean.

Removing Scratches with a Walnut

Wood, despite being varnished has the tendency to be scratched at times. This is most especially true if things move around it a lot. While walnuts may be expensive in some places, there also are other alternatives. Some of these alternatives include melted crayons, shoe polishes, and permanent markers. A petroleum jelly mixture can also help to polish the surface.

Covering Up with Wallpaper

Some old furniture have scratches that are too much to polish. Because of this, maybe the tips above may be too much for you. If you want to salvage your cabinets without thinning it out by scraping the surface, then one option for you will be to cover the area with wallpaper. It adds a great design while concealing the unsightly scratches that accumulate on the surface for years.

Doilies and Laces

If you find wallpaper too expensive, then Doilies and Laces are a good alternative as well. While it may seem a bit old-fashioned, these doilies and laces will help to protect the upper layers by serving as the buffer, and will also help to beautify and give the cabinet a soft, nostalgic look.

Plastic Cover

Having a plastic cover atop any furniture, whether old and new, especially in the case of tables, can help to make the furniture look good as new. This is because in doing do, a lot of the dust is prevented from making it to the furniture. Also, getting a plastic cover is cheap and a lot of it is readily available. It may be tedious to cover, however, as you will have to make use of tapes and staples which can eventually wear out in the long run. If you are on a budget, however, this is one of the better options.

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