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Important Guide For Replacing Your Dryer’s Ignitor At Home

Dryers are made up of complex parts which work together to produce heat. Generally, dryers have ignitors which ignites the gas while functioning. A dryer with problematic ignitor won’t heat up to dry your clothes well. That’s when you probably think of finding a technician who provide washing machine, dryer and refrigerator repair among other similar services.

Yes, hiring a repair technician would make the fix much faster and with better results. But replacing an ignitor by yourself is also possible. This is a great option if you want to save a bit of cash from paying for somebody else. Although, you may need to spend longer time and more effort, especially if you don’t have enough expertise in doing such type of tasks.

That’s why learn how to do it by your own. With few helpful steps, replacing an ignitor is certainly achievable.

Here’s how to replace a Dryer Ignitor by yourself

Before you begin, be sure to buy the right ignitor for your dryer. Each specific dryer unit and model requires certain ignitor to function. So, check the serial number of your dryer, then note it in a piece of paper. When you reach the shop, show it to the salesclerk, so they’d find the best suitable ignitor for your machine.

After buying a new ignitor, prepare few tools to use. This includes a screwdriver, a putty knife and a wrench. Now, you’re ready to begin:

  • Secure your safety while working with a gas dryer. First, unplug the machine, and close the gas supply valve. This is important to avoid electrocution and gas leak throughout the process.
  • Next, remove the lint screen from its place. Unscrew the two screws beside the lint screen compartment as well.
  • There are clips of the top panels about 2 inches from each corners. You must press it using a putty knife. Insert the putty knife between the front of the dryer and the top panel to do the job.
  • Now, disconnect the wiring attachment which connects the burner can and the flame sensor. It’s easily achievable manually using your hands.
  • Then, remove the burner assembly from the bottom of the dryer. To do this, unscrew the burner assembly bracket from the base using a wrench. Pull out the burner assembly once done. After which, disconnect the wire which connects the burner assembly from the ignitor.
  • That’s when you can pull out the old ignitor and replace it with the new one.
  • Assemble back your dryer by reversing the steps number 5 to 2. Be sure not to miss any parts, or else your dryer won’t work.
  • Once done, turn on your dryer and see if it function efficiently. If you notice any uncertainties with its movement, try tightening its screws and securing the wires.

You see? It’s easy to replace the ignitor of your dryer when situation requires. But if you have doubts about doing it by your own, get in touch with a reliable technician for help. Be sure, however, to find the best dryer repair technician to hire.

Quick Tips in finding a Reliable Dryer Technician

If you don’t want to risk replacing your dryer’s ignitor by yourself, keep these points in mind to find the right technician to hire:

  • Hire an expert with enough expertise in specifically fixing dryers and washing machines. There’s a wide range of household appliances today, hence some technicians choose to specialize on certain types. Since you need to have your dryer repaired, find a dryer repair expert for it.
  • Look for one with high rates of positive feedbacks from clients and people around. Quality services always produce happy clients. And those clients tend to spread about the great services they’ve got. Hence, when you want to gauge trustworthiness of a technician, look at what people say about him.
  • Talk with the technician for inquiries. Yes, you’ll do this to get info about their repair services. But this is a wise way to gauge their customer service too. Find a professional technician which clearly communicates with you.
  • Ask about replacement parts in their shop. Since you need an ignitor, be sure they carry the right piece as spare part for your dryer. It should be genuine and has high quality. If they don’t offer such replacement part, buy it from another store or find another repair technician to hire.
  • Finally, ask about price rates and repair warranties. Price must not be too high, but affordability should never compromise quality. It’s better to hire a quite expensive technician who offers the best services. Also, choose one who offers repair warranties for easy follow up fixes when needed.

Can’t replace a dryer by yourself? These tips will guide you towards the best appliance repair technician available today. Don’t run the risk if you have doubt in fixing a dryer alone, or else you’d end up with worse case scenarios.

Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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