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Ramen Noodles Wallet- Figuring out the features

One of the most fun things about being a crafting person is figuring out how to use ordinary things in unusual ways. That’s especially exciting if you were going to throw the object away, and now you’ve thought of a new use for it. Imagine how many boxes, cans, wrappers, and other things, would have been thrown away by now, if it hadn’t been for unusual crafts? Now you have all sorts of new things and you’ve your part to save the planet. You can save even more trash from the landfill when you save wrappers from things you’ve eaten. One such wrapper is a Ramen Noodles wrapper. It makes the cutest little change purse and, when it gets dirty or worn out, it’s disposable!

A Ramen Noodles or other envelope-type product, makes a great wallet or coin purse. For a Ramen Noodles creation, carefully slice along the top of the bag and dump out the contents. Use a damp cloth to wipe out the inside of the bag. If you want to strengthen the bag, cut a piece of cardboard for the front and back, and tape or glue them inside. Instead of cardboard you can use Fun Foam, or stiff plastic

There are tutorials online that show you how to install a zipper in a pouch or envelope like Ramen Noodles but why go through all of that trouble? And, if you don’t sew, you’re out of luck on this project. But there’s a way that anyone can turn a Ramen Noodles or other pouch into a coin purse or wallet. Just use Velcro. Cut a strip to be as long as one cut edge of the bag, then cut it into a much thinner strip. Peel-n-stick Velcro might not hold well for some craft projects, but it sticks exceptionally well on a Ramen Noodles or similar wrapper.

To attach the Velcro, barely fold the cut edge of the wrapper under, and then stick the Velcro over it. Do the same to the opposite side, with the opposing piece of Velcro, and the change purse is already finished. The extra-large change purse can also hold bills, photos, credit cards, and many other things. If it starts to show too much wear and tear, simply throw it away, and make another one in minutes.  A small minimalist wallet will be perfect for keeping in the pocket of the person. The carrying of the money from one to another place will be convenient for the person

Besides a Ramen Noodle package you can use a powdered cheese packet from a box of macaroni and cheese, a Kool-Aid envelope, a toll house morsel bag, a small potato chip bag, a pack from a sample size of dog or cat food, or even a single-size envelope of coffee, made for a coffee maker. The cute change purse – no matter which one you make – is so cheap that it’s easily disposable when it starts to get worn out.

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