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Types of Banners to Promote Your Business a tremendous way!

A Web Banner is another way to promote a product or service over the internet. This is also referred to as a banner Ad. Banners are a way of marketing your business that uses an html embedded code along with the image, which is really essential for successful medical practice marketing strategy, in sense of letting us to know more about businesses. Whenever the user clicks on the banner, he or she is taken to the desired website as set by the creator of the banner. Web Banners can be created with different sizes like a large rectangle measuring 336 by 280, medium rectangle measuring 300 by 250, square pop-up banner ad measuring 250 by 250, vertical rectangle measuring 240 by 400, rectangle banner measuring 180 by 150, etc. Banner ads have always been a good way to promote one’s product or service.

If we look closely look at the meaning of banner, then banner is generally a piece of cloth used for advertising or decoration purposes, or it could also be an advertisement in a newspaper. Various types of banners are:

Heraldic banner

Heraldic banner also referred to as arms banner is used to display coat of arms. Coat of arms is a design that a person or a group of people have and contains the following information; Supporter, Field, Motto, Charge, Shield, Crest, Wreath, mantling, etc and the art of recording such information in a banner is called heraldry. The shape of this banner is usually a rectangle or square.

Church banner

Church banners usually contain information about the church along with a picture of God. Now days, churches have banners embedded on their walls. Such banners are used to promote the existence of God in the world. Also, people develop their own church banners and carry them in the streets to spread the feeling of worshiping GOD among people.

Trade Union Banners

Trade union banners are written with the sole aim of getting their demands fulfilled by the company. These banners are used as a way to express their hatred towards the system of the company. Most of the trade union banners are designed in red color to show their protest.

Advertising banners

Advertising banners can be found everywhere, on the streets, on the walls, in malls, and various other places. You can also find such banners even on the highways. Advertising banners are made from plastic and are artistically designed to attract user or rather distract user towards it.

Protest Banners

Protest banners are generally carried by protestors fighting for some cause. These banners are very long in length and usually carried away by two people. The message of the protestor’s is written in bold and big words, so that they are easily visible from far away.

Thus, banners are a good way to represent one’s feeling or message to the people. For people interested in web banners, searching on Google is the right choice. You will find a lot of websites that deal in designing banners on the topic chosen by the customer. Also, the designs created for web banners can be very creative and attractive.

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