Fascinating Super Mario Games Series

To end the argument, let us just say what the obvious is – Super Mario is the most popular game character in the world, period. With its continuous existence in the gaming world for more than 30 years, Mario games are the king of all the games ever created. Appealing graphics, interesting adventure mechanics, lovable characters, jolly music and persuasive challenges are just some of the reasons why this game has penetrated the gaming industry for decades. Thus, now, Mario games can also be played on different devices such as smartphones, consoles, computers, and even Mario for xbox 360. One of the main factors why Mario games are successful is the variety of game types it provides to players. Super Mario games come with exciting and interesting series. Therefore, in this article you will learn about the main Mario games series that you might not have tried yet.

Super Mario World

Super Mario World is the first series of open world games and it is definitely something special. This series is an expanded version of the traditional Mario games because it features a lot of secretive segments, is full of off path ghost houses and a lot of bonus power ups.

In Super Mario World, characters are more developed in terms of movement and actions. It also presents the power of Super Nintendo, a game console that is still liked by most gamers.

Super Mario Bro

Super Mario Bro is the original Mario game – and it is still considered iconic and the best game of all generations. The main purpose of this game is to teach base level skills and then building those skills as the game progresses. A lot of games that  exist nowadays are inspired by this concept of Super Mario Bro. This game served as an awakening moment for the gaming industry to create a new dimension of games where players feel challenged. Thus, Super Mario Bro is the origin of all the Mario games.

Super Mario Bros 3

Introduced in the 1990’s, Super Mario Bros 3 originated a change in the gaming community in terms of graphics. This series had a large, attractive map that was continuously moving. It also started the trend of high levels of contrasting colors that popped off the screen. By this time, arcades were still the rage, where most of the games had only three colors. Basically, Super Mario Bros took some concepts from the previous series but added many new, essential elements. In this series, players were not allowed to select characters, instead, there were multiple worlds players needed to explore with an array of themes and new power ups to collect with amazing effects.

New Super Mario Bros

This series of Mario games was a game changer for all the Mario games. It was introduced in the market with updated graphics and complex mechanics. Most importantly, it transformed to the  2D side of the game, where multiple players are allowed. One additional feature of this series was to include wall jumping, which was used in the succeeding Mario games over the years.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

With advancements in game development, Super Mario Galaxy 2 offered 3D platforms – causing Nintendo to be known as the expert in designing and developing games.

Super Mario 3D World

It is fair to say that Super Mario 3D World is one of the best Mario games ever created. It is of great quality and creatively designed. This series allows players to play as different characters: Mario, Toad, Peach, and Luigi. Super Mario 3D World also has the “world map” concepts like other Mario games.

Super Mario Land

When the mobile gaming trend had begun, Super Mario entered the world of smartphones. Super Mario Land was the first mobile version of Super Mario that copied the original NES game and added some new features. It is still the standard Mario game where you need to start from left travelling to right and killing enemies by jumping on them. One of the craziest added features was the underwater vehicle that gets you to the pilot. This has been highly appreciated by a lot of players.

With these series of Mario games, we can fairly say that Super Mario has come a long way through continuous growth and development.

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